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As a home-school dad I’ve come to realize that the subjects of reading and writing are pretty well covered. The subjects of science, technology, engineering and math commonly referred to as STEM, not so much. Technology such as robotics, automation, and electronics are all skills that play an important part in today’s world. These technologies continually expand more and more into all aspects of our lives. As someone who’s done industrial automation for the last 15 or so years I’ve had the privilege of working with and seeing these technologies being implemented.
I’ve always been one to tinker and build things, my son usually at my side asking questions. Seeing my sons reaction to some of things we’ve built is nothing short of just plain cool. Then watching him experiment with something like an air propelled rocket launcher we just built is icing on the cake. The math and physics he is using as he changes pressures or angles trying to hit something with the rocket can’t compare to having to learn it from a textbook or lecture. Some things in life have to just be experienced to fully understand the concept. That’s where the idea for The Tek Sandbox came to be. We figured if we were having so much fun learning by doing and integrating the skills that I already use in my profession there would probably be others interested as well.