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A few people have asked where to start or what are some things their kids could work with to get started with robotics.  One thing to keep in mind is there is not just one skill to learn when dealing with robotics.  It encompasses other skills like programming, electronics, mechanics, etc.  so don’t get hung up on trying to learn robotics as a whole.


Pre-assembled kits are probably the best way to start.  They’re easy to use and come with all you need with the exception of a computer to run the free software to do the programming. The Arduino programmable micro-controller is probably the most widely used for beginners. Eleego has some pretty nice all inclusive beginner kits on Amazon.   They come with all the components, programming software and a tutorial with sample code to begin with.




They have kits that have just the basics that include the micro-controller with lights and buttons to learn the basics.


Basic Kit on Amazon








The more advanced kits with servos, various sensors and displays are are if you want learn motion and be able to sense more of the environment.

Advanced kit on Amazon













Once you get to learn how the various components work you can move on to things like manipulators.










If you want to get down the rabbit hole of learning electronics used in the kits this site that does a good job explaining the basics in electronics.  Another site that goes more in depth on the Arduino micro-controller is Programming Electronics Academy . Both resources have options to buy things but work through the free stuff first.  If you want ideas on projects to do Instructables is a great place to start.

The most important is to just start, don’t get a case of analysis paralysis.